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Just in Time for Gift-Giving

Has it been some time since you have been to Haiti?  Or maybe you have not been, but are considering going on a mission team?

Well, you have an opportunity to revisit or visit for the first time through the media of a recently developed calendar that highlights in photographs a number of the many Haitians that are involved with CODEP (Comprehensive Development Project). Maybe you have a college student who has been on a mission trip with Crestwood to Haiti. What a wonderful way for them to relive some of those moments by seeing the faces of those they worked beside while in Haiti.

Calendars will be for sale on Kirk Night at the West Campus, at both campuses on Sundays, and the Church Offices through mid-December.  Please contact Larry Shives or Ann Good with any questions.

Cost: $15, with the majority of that going right back to support the work of the CODEP Haitians.