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Haiti relief - February 19th update
Dear friends of Haiti and The Outreach Foundation,

We rejoice in the generosity of Presbyterians from across the United States and beyond who have responded to our invitation to support the work of Haiti Outreach Ministries as they provide relief care in Port-au-Prince and restore their ministries for long-term service in Jesus' name. The Outreach Foundation has received over $250,000 in support of HOM's work!  Every dollar will go to Haiti. In this time of crisis, worship is as important as ever, perhaps even more important, and people are gathering together for prayer, praise, and to hear God's Word.  This past Sunday, February 14, there were over 2000 worshipers at Cite Soleil, more than 1700 at Blanchard and more than 800 at Repatriote.

Currently, three building projects are underway, the Cite Soleil wall, repairs to the schools and the start of construction on the first of the replacement houses. HOM hopes to have the latter completed soon, the prototype for what will be an ongoing ministry, so they can refine the design as they build more homes. Leon Dorleans reports that there are 40 Haitians working on these projects!

Thank you for your continuing prayers and for your financial support for the work of our partners, Haiti Outreach Ministries, as they share God's love in word and deed. Below are excerpts from a note that just came from Luc Aristhene, lead pastor at the Blanchard Church.

Rob Weingartner

The Outreach Foundation

Dear friends,

I know that Pastor Leon, our field director, has been in close touch with you as far as general updates on the ministries. But, allow me please to bring to you and to all the friends I will copy on this e-mail some of the amazing things the Lord has been doing in Blanchard since the earthquake.

As you know, our grief and sorrows for the members of our congregation who have lost their lives during the quake will not go away so easily, but as a church we have stood together and kept the Faith. I, particularly, am very encouraged by the strength and comfort the Lord has mightily provided to the hurting families through our ministries. We will keep on keeping on!

As a result of our active and diligent responses to the physical and spiritual needs of the community, we have seen our attendance growing more and more with new converts as well as other Christians who want to join our congregation on a regular basis. All our services are crowded, whether be Sundays or Thursdays when we have prayer service. Our three day prayer call has been a success. For all three days people had to stand all over the church compound to worship and cry out to the Lord on behalf of the country. Last Sunday, we ended up having 1,776 adults and 460 kids attending the last prayer day at Blanchard alone. The other amazing thing is that we managed to serve a hot meal (rice, beans, sauce, juice) to everybody after the service.

I know you may be asking how we did it, but this was a fact. That was our AGAPE version 2. That was a tiring undertaking for all our staff and team members, but I cannot dare to compare the overwhelming joy that experience has brought to us, knowing we did exactly what Jesus would do. We give thanks and glory to God. I am personally humbled by these awesome happenings. The earthquake has made all of us cry, but it has been an awakening call to our people that they need Jesus, their only way to "assure" their lives and "store treasures" for eternity! We will continue to humbly follow the Lord as HE leads us through these times. As a church, we want to be His heart, eyes, ears and hands, everywhere we can whenever the Lord wants us to.

I want to thank brother Bill and Linda Glass for giving yourselves totally for the cause of Haiti in coordinating efforts of all friends and churches to are partnering with us. Thanks to all the board members of Haiti Outreach Ministries. I want to thank all of you good friends who never stop praying and standing with us. Thank you to director Brad Johnson of Mission of Hope for his partnership. Together, we will continue to make a difference in Haiti for a better tomorrow.

With Much Love and Appreciation,

Luc Aristhene