Wednesday Night @ Crestwood

Worship Center Classes

Adult Opportunities, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

MARCH 1 - Ash Wednesday Worship
Ash Wednesday Worship Service led by Josh Weeks and Crestwood’s Youth, including music from our youth praise band.

MARCH 8 - Prayer Gathering
Mary Ellen Fines will lead us in prayer and worship.

MARCH 15 - Missions – The Great Commission
Brian Regrut and the Mission Builders Team will lead us in exploring practical and strategic opportunities to use our passions, training and expertise for God's glory at home and abroad.

MARCH 22 & 29 - Is the Gospel Color Blind?
Rob Burns will lead us in a two-week exploration of the Bible's perspective on racial and ethnic difference and how we might navigate the current tensions in American society. We will also hear from brothers and sisters, black and white, about their personal experiences related to racial assumptions.

APRIL 5 - Arts in April - Music in Worship
Rob Burns and Peg Webb will help us explore the use of music in worship. Why do we sing in church? Why do some churches have choirs and others refuse all instruments?

APRIL 19 - Arts in April – Christianity & Visual Arts
Rob Burns will discuss the role of art as part of our Christian culture – it is an uneasy history. A gallery of art created by many of our talented Crestwood family will be displayed.