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Spotlight on Service: Stewardship Ministry invites you to explore the many ways we impact our congregation, our community and our world in Christ’s name.  Check out this week’s spotlight on service, or the full list of opportunities here.  If you have any questions or feel called to pursue this or any other area of service, please fill out the inquiry form or contact a member of the Commitment team directly (Ellen Cross, Kris Hall, Courtney Shultz and Betsy Saunders).


In the Spotlight: Stewardship Ministry

Crestwood’s Stewardship Ministry is responsible for leading the congregation into a deeper biblical understanding of stewardship in order to have them respond by meeting the financial needs of the church.  The ministry educates the congregation on how to use our financial resources in a biblical way.  Through classes from Crown Financial Ministries, the MoneyLife course is offered to the adults, along with Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money for the youth on Wednesday nights, while Managing Finances God’s Way is offered during Sunday School. The ministry teaches God’s direction on using money according to His plan for ALL aspects of our lives and helps deepen our faith and gain financial freedom and peace.

Opportunities include:

  • Teach children or youth about finances and tithing
  • Teach an adult Sunday School class on finance/tithing
  • Lead a Crown class (after completing the course)
  • Serve on the Stewardship ministry team in planning, organizing, and executing the annual stewardship campaign 


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