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Spotlight on Service: Mission Builders invites you to explore the many ways we impact our congregation, our community and our world in Christ’s name.  Check out this week’s spotlight on service, or the full list of opportunities here.  If you have any questions or feel called to pursue this or any other area of service, please fill out the inquiry form or contact a member of the Commitment team directly (Ellen Cross, Kris Hall, Courtney Shultz and Betsy Saunders).


In the Spotlight: Mission Builders

The goal of your Mission Builders team is to educate and mobilize all believers to faithfulness in fulfilling the Great Commission.  We endeavor to shape a world vision through prayer and education and to strengthen a world mission through exposure and opportunity.  This team arranges our mission trips, financial commitment to missions and the reports that are regularly given to the congregation about missions around the world connected to Crestwood.

Crestwood’s longstanding commitment to missions often takes us overseas to places like Haiti and Africa.  Did you know that our Youth have ministered in Mexico and Jamaica? We also have developed an exciting partnership with a very vibrant congregation in Russia. We round out our world vision by supporting missionaries in China, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Zambia, Latvia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and India. If you have a heart for missions, God may be calling you to join this team!

Opportunities include:

  • Lend your organizational skills to specific missions trips
  • Use your teaching skills to educate our congregation regarding missions ministry
  • Pray for the people of Somalia, our “unreached people group”
  • Support our annual Feed My Starving Children “MobilePack” event
  • Serve on the Mission Builders team (planning, organizing etc.)


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