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Spotlight on Service: Recreation invites you to explore the many ways we impact our congregation, our community and our world in Christ’s name.  Check out this week’s spotlight on service, or the full list of opportunities here.  If you have any questions or feel called to pursue this or any other area of service, please fill out the inquiry form or contact a member of the Commitment team directly (Randy Huffer, Kris Hall, Courtney Shultz and Betsy Saunders).


In the Spotlight: Recreation

“The volleyball academy was awesome.  Coaching the kids and being able to witness to the love of Christ was a highlight of my fall!”   (Ann Huffer)

“Referees are usually seen as the "bad guys".   But there's definitely something different about Upward - we see lives changed - right in front of us.”   (Chuck Jones)

Crestwood’s Recreation ministry is all about connecting with our community.  From Upward basketball to sports clinics to pickleball,  God is calling us to show His love to the world in new and creative ways!  So what’s next on the horizon?  Volleyball is very popular in this area and we actually got our feet wet this fall with a volleyball academy for teenagers.  Planning is underway for a volleyball league this spring so stay tuned for that!  Meanwhile, Upward basketball is upon us.  Maybe God is calling you to use your gift of sports enthusiasm.  

Recreation Ministry Opportunities:

  • Be a volleyball coach or serve as an assistant this spring
  • Be a “shepherd coach” to encourage a basketball or volleyball team spiritually (new role for this year)
  • Referee basketball or volleyball games on Saturdays (on a rotation)
  • Give a halftime devotional for the basketball families (on a rotation)
  • Help with gameday administration (greeting, timekeeper, team checkin etc.) for basketball or volleyball


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