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Spotlight on Service: Elijah House Academy invites you to explore the many ways we impact our congregation, our community and our world in Christ’s name.  Check out this week’s spotlight on service, or the full list of opportunities here.  If you have any questions or feel called to pursue this or any other area of service, please fill out the inquiry form or contact a member of the Commitment team directly (Randy Huffer, Kris Hall, Courtney Shultz and Betsy Saunders).

In the Spotlight: Elijah House Academy (EHA)

Crestwood has supported Elijah House Academy through our benevolence budget for many years, but with their move to our East Campus, EHA offers us opportunities to engage directly with their school, blessing both the student community and staff.

Opportunities include:

  • tutor on Thursdays from 3-4:30 K – 12th grade students (September – May)
  • provide school supplies and fun items for School Store
  • provide lunch for teachers on conference or meeting days
  • train to be a volunteer substitute teacher

To learn more about EHA, check out their website,  For more information about EHA service opportunities and to get involved, contact Sandra King (EHA staff) at 804-755-7051 ext 225.


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