Communion at Crestwood

The sacrament of the Lord's Supper is observed on the first Sunday of every month in all worship services at both campus locations.

  • At the 8:30 a.m. West Campus service, the sacrament is distributed by passing trays that contain cups and pieces of bread.
  • At the 11:00 a.m. West Campus service, the congregation is invited to the front to break from a loaf and dip into the cup.  For anyone who is unable to come to the front, the elements will be brought to where they are seated.
  • At the 10:30 a.m. East Campus service, the sacrament is normally distributed by passing trays that contain cups and pieces of bread. On occasion, the congregation is invited forward to break from the loaf and dip into the cup, but the majority of the time the congregation passes trays.

The only exceptions to this schedule are in months which contain Maundy Thursday (Holy Week before Easter) and in December (which contains Christmas Eve).  Communion is served on Maundy Thursday evening and at both campus locations on Christmas Eve.  Check the specific calendar each season for details.

Who May Partake In Communion At Crestwood Presbyterian Church?

In recent years the official position and authorization for participation in the Lord's Supper (Communion) has changed.  For many (like Crestwood Church) who came out of the former southern Presbyterian Church, Communion was reserved for those who had made a public profession of faith as youth who by completing the Confirmation Class (formerly the Communicants Class) or who as adults were making a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

In recent years the denomination has changed its view of the intent of both scripture and the practice of the early church which led to a different approach to the question of "who" is to be admitted to the Lord's Supper.

The correct answer at this time is that anyone who has received Christian baptism is invited to the sacrament of the Lord's supper.  This means that children, youth and adults who have been baptized are welcomed in the sacrament.  Anyone who has not been baptized should refrain from participation at the table until either they are baptized, complete Confirmation and then are baptized or who come and profess their faith in Jesus Christ and are baptized. 

Some use the words of invitation to say "all who TRUST in Jesus as Lord and Savior" are invited to the table. 

This clearly has serious implications for adults.  Basically it means that your baptized children may receive the sacrament.  But it means both by implication and statement in the Book of Order that as parents you are to actively and with intention instruct your children and prepare them to receive the bread and wine at the table.  If you as a parent feel your child is not ready to receive the elements you should not automatically take them to the table (or share the elements with them where they sit).  The persons to evaluate the question of "should my child receive communion" are the parents.  Following the stipulation that to participate in communion you must be baptized, parents are to actively engage in the task of teaching, training, and regularly engaging your child as to their understanding and readiness. 

Currently the Pastor and the Director of Adult and Children's Christian Education are designing a packet of study and training for parents to equip parents for the task of educating and engaging with your children around the Table of our Lord.

What Does The Lord's Supper Mean?

The Lord's Supper, (also known as Communion, Eucharist ) was instituted (given) by Jesus Christ himself.  He has given us this visible, tangible act to allow us to have a way to remember his death until he returns.  The bread symbolizes his body which was put on a cross and died for our sins, and the cup is a symbol for his blood which was shed on the cross to wash us from our sin.  We believe that Jesus is really present at the sacrament through the presence of the Holy Spirit but not physically present in the actual bread or wine (juice).  In taking communion we find our faith strengthened  and we are constantly reminded that Christ died for us that we might live eternally.


If you have questions you may contact Pastor John Daniel at (804-897-3458) or Associate Pastor Robert Burns at (804-320-2269).