Prison Ministry

Let’s face it...incarceration in a penal institution is a time of separation from family and society as punishment for crimes one has committed.  It is a very low point in one’s life but if used wisely, it is an opportunity to change one’s ways and prepare for a second chance in society.        

Our volunteer team of men partner with Prison Fellowship Ministries and Chaplain Service Prison Ministry of Virginia to engage in a faith-based reentry program at the Deep Meadow Correction Center in Powhatan.   We join volunteers from other churches in Chesterfield County and Richmond to engage in both in-prison and post-incarceration ministry.  This program focuses on Christian values as well as life skills needed for successful reentry into society.

Our volunteers serve as instructors as well as mentors for participants, both in prison and upon reentry to the community.  This program focuses primarily on inmates from the Richmond area. In-prison classes are held nightly Monday-Thursday and Saturday mornings through out the year. 

Volunteers can also serve as mentors for these men and their families for one year after they are released. They provide encouragement, spiritual support and guidance in searching for housing, jobs and community resources.

Involvement in women’s prison ministry can be facilitated.

For further information, please contact:

Blair Garnett ( or Larry Shives (