Sunday Nights

 6:00pm -8:00pm at the West Campus


Sunday Nights are a time of fellowship, fun and Biblical teaching.  This year we are creating five different programs that will each have a different focus.  By doing this we hope to be able to more holistically approach spiritual formation with our students. 

Each week begins with a meal together, so please bring $3.00.   

1st Sunday: Thrive

Thrive is our traditional youth group night with games, skits, songs and a topical Bible lesson.  However, more than just being a traditional youth group and being a group of youth that are Christians we desire to be a community that Thrive in our faith.  We know that a key element in this goal is community and Thrive will allow students to come together and celebrate their faith with one another.  It is also a great night to invite friends, Christians and Non-Christians to youth.   

2nd Sunday: 2nd (Service Project)

2nd is monthly service project to the church and the community at large.  Some weeks we will be working on something at the church and other weeks we will pile in the church bus and volunteer cars and travel offsite.  These service projects will be things like visiting others in need, helping with yard work or helping with fundraisers that go toward youth missions.

2nd got its name not only because it is on the 2nd Sunday of the month but because we want to live out Philippians 2:3 by putting others before ourselves.  By placing ourselves in second place sort of speaking we have an opportunity to live the heart of the Gospel out. 

3rd Sunday: Family Night
Youth ministry is not just to youth but also for the whole family. Our family nights are a time for the whole family to gather together.  There will be times to come together for fun and fellowship as well as times to hear guest speakers on relevant topics. 


4th Sunday: N.O.W. (Night Of Worship)
At the center of our faith is a desire and need to worship the Savior.  N.O.W is designed to bring youth together in worship.  Each week we will not only have a time of praise through song but will also explore other elements and ways to worship such as communion, tithes and offerings, and Scripture reading/preaching. 


5th Sunday: Fellowship Night
Fellowship Night is a time just to come together for fun and fellowship.  Each 5th Sunday we will get offsite for a fun activity similar to a bond fire, Sky Zone or a scavenger hunt.  


*There are a few deviations from the schedule that are represented in the calendar.