Stewardship at Crestwood

We hope that everyone who attended one of our stewardship gatherings this Fall was encouraged to see that our stewardship makes a difference.  Your generous giving goes directly to ministries that glorify God and touch lives in our own community and around the world.  Crestwood is a special place where God is glorified in worship on Sunday, but also virtually every day of the week. 

In case you missed them, here are a few resources we shared to bring perspective to giving:

In order to help Crestwood plan for the coming year, it is important to return a commitment card.  Even though the amount is not reported and remains between you and God, your expression of commitment is vital to our planning.  You are welcome to print the commitment card and give this to the office, or simply email the church office ( with your name and address, and an indication of your commitment.  Those of you who have taken the tithe challenge are no doubt enjoying the blessings of healthier financial habits, the satisfaction of God-honoring giving, and a closer relationship with God.