Denominational Transfer


Dear Crestwood Friends and Family,

With joy I report to you that today at the meeting of the Presbytery of the James all terms for our dismissal to the ECO were approved.  This means that all approvals needed have now been received and the only matters remaining are the legal documents regarding ownership of land and our payment to the presbytery of the agreed upon amount.  These matters should all be completed in the next two weeks. 

There was no discussion by the presbytery of the recommendation of the Trustees that the matter be approved and there were only 6 “no” votes.  It was great to have so many elders and members present.  Thanks to all who were there. 

In effect, this entire matter is now resolved as far as the process is concerned.  Thank you again for your prayers and support.  What a great day this is.

Glory be to God! 

John Daniel


Dear Crestwood Family:

Thank you for making the January 10th congregational meeting a priority and answering the call to be present.  It was a great day with a huge attendance, wonderful worship and a successful meeting.  We successfully conducted all the business necessary to complete the work of the congregation regarding our transfer to the ECO and also heard reports on the 2016 Church Budget and approved the Terms of Call to the pastors for 2016.

The official vote on the transfer matter was YES: 355 (98%), NO: 4 (1%),ABSTAIN: 2 (1%).  This overwhelmingly positive vote approved the terms of separation which included:  paying the Presbytery of the James $1.5 million in separation costs; retaining the name CRESTWOOD, and providing the Presbytery the historical documents including session minutes for our duration of our life in the PC(USA) and the former PCUS.  

Other actions included approval of the borrowing up to $2 million to fund the separation costs and consolidate the current debt.  

In addition to the separation matter the congregation heard a very encouraging report from the Session’s Budget and Finance Ministry that indicated the generosity of the congregation had been demonstrated in November and December which brought our income within a few hundred dollars of the 2015 Church Budget.  A great outpouring of generosity and love by the people of Crestwood.  One of the most generous seasons of giving in our history.

The congregation also approved the pastors Terms of Call for 2016 which included a 3% increase also given to all Crestwood Staff for the coming year.

It was a wonderful day.  God gave us a glorious day with beautiful blue skies and pleasant temperatures.  We heard from many that being together for worship and the meeting was a wonderful added blessing

Thank you seems too small and an understatement of the gratitude felt by the pastors and session for the love, encouragement and support of the congregation throughout this entire process which has been long and at times difficult.  This action by the congregation completes what we as the congregation must do.  This matter now goes to the Presbytery of the James for final approval.  Once the Presbytery approves the financial terms of the settlement and all parts of the terms have been fulfilled, the presbytery will transfer the pastors and members to the ECO.  While the approval from the Presbytery remains  for this matter to be totally completed, the work by Crestwood is now finished.  We do welcome the continued prayers of the congregation for the February 20th meeting of the presbytery when this will be on the agenda.

Thank you for your presence and support.  God bless you!

John W. Daniel

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