Leadership Materials

Life Group Curriculum Options

Please note the following:

  1. There are many excellent materials available for Life Groups.  Those items listed below are simply a means of rescuing you from the paralysis that comes from overwhelming options.  Please ask if you are looking for a particular topic or format and do not find it below.  Before ordering video curriculum, check with Rob Burns to see if a copy is already on hand.

  2. If you locate materials on your own, please check with Rob Burns before using them.  It is our pratice that our Christian Education leadership be aware of and give approval to materials being used in formal settings for the making of disciples at Crestwood.

  3. Materials usually can be ordered through Amazon and other online distributors, so you may want to check pricing.  Also, our local Lifeway Bookstore (near Commonwealth 20) and Family Bookstore (in Chesterfield Towne Center) have a wide range of materials, possibly including those listed below, and can order items for you.
This page will archive resources compiled for small group leaders. Please contact Rob Burns if you have any questions concerning these materials.

Crestwood Mission Measures (Measuring Life Change)

This six-session curriculum provides the biblical basis for Crestwood’s mission and gives opportunity for members to share how they are doing in living out that mission.  This curriculum is helpful for hearing one another’s stories and recalibrating one’s progress in living out the faithful Christian life.

http://www.crestwoodchurch.org/uploads/MeasuringLife_program.jpgSession 1  - Is My Bible Worn?

Session 2  - Can I Hear Him Now?
Session 3  - Who Needs to Hear My Story?     
Session 4  - Is My Towel Too Clean?
Session 5  - How Risky Is My Giving?      
Session 6  - Am I Living Differently?

RightNow Media

Excellent video-based “courses” are available at www.rightnow.org/Training (email Rob Burns for login information).  Material here requires a web connection to show videos during a meeting.

The Gospel at Work

This six-session curriculum by Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert considers “how working for King Jesus gives purpose and meaning to our jobs.” For each session there is a  5-6 minute free video available.  There is a free downloadable leader’s guide available and a book available for purchase on Amazon that members could read but which is not required for the study.  It may be helpful if the group leader gets a copy and reads the relevant chapters each week.

Forge Guides for Missional Conversation

These guides (six sessions each) seek to equip you and your group to be missionaries where you are.  This is not evangelism skills or a push toward stereotypical “witnessing" but a much broader, healthy consideration of the practical realities of intentionally advancing Jesus’ kingdom in your particular place.  This is an exciting new series with a fresh approach.  You can choose any of the five titles: 

Sacred Rhythms

This six-session video-based curriculum by Ruth Haley Barton explores the practices that growing disciples have used throughout history to grow closer to God. The disciplines or practices of the spiritual life are the basic components of the rhythm of relationship that feeds the soul and keeps Christians open and available to God’s initiative in our lives.  Each of the sessions samples a specific practice that allows participants to experience each discipline, taking this curriculum beyond simply a discussion of ideas.  Session 1 can be previewed HERE.  Weekly teaching is 10-15  minutes followed by discussion, then the sample guided practice of 10-15 minutes.  Participant GUIDES  and full BOOKS are available for purchase on Amazon. though the book is not necessary for the study.

Books of the Bible

There are all sorts of good materials available to lead groups through studies of various books of the Bible.  Simply to help you narrow your choices, here are links to two sources of generally good guides.  Contact Rob if you would like to see hard copy samples.

Proverbs: A Guide to Right Living

Leaders Guide 
week 1: Wisdom 
week 2: Integrity 
week 3: Humility 
week 4: Generosity 
week 5: Contentment 
week 6: Relationships 
week 7: Gossip 
week 8: Diligence

Topical Studies

Again, there are numerous sources for topical studies, including The Good Book Company  listed above.  If you are interested in a particular topic, please let Rob know and he will help you explore the latest options for that topic.  Here are a few ideas for topical studies:

Prayer Marriage
The Holy Spirit Faith and politics/government
Work Setting Boundaries
Spiritual practices/disciplines Managing Conflict
Sharing faith/evangelism Serving Others

Additional Resources

Here are additional recommended resources that other groups have used. 

Varied listing of group studies