Helpful Tips for First Time Guests

Midlothian Campus

Nursery Age Children - Infant - young 4 years old

Please take your child to the desk marked Child Care Center. Nursery Coordinator Rita Johnson will welcome your child as you fill out a contact information card. She will help you with a child's identification name tag and show you which of the two nursery rooms your child will be in.  The first nursery room is for 2 1/2 - 4 year olds. The second nursery room is for infant to 2.5 year olds. The Worship Center is located very close to the nurseries. Be assured that Rita will come and get you if your child has difficulty settling down in this new environment.

Children in Worship Program - 4 1/2 years old - 1st Grade

Children age 4 1/2 - 1st grade will begin the morning with you in the Worship Center.  During the opening music, you will see a projected slide dismissing children to attend Children in Worship. Children follow an adult volunteer out into the hallway to line up. You are welcome to escort your child out to the Commons to line up--they will soon feel comfortable going out by themselves. There we welcome guests and pray for our time together to be fruitful. Children follow their leader to Room 105 on the main hall. They will be led in music, Bible story and craft time.  You will pick your child up following the worship service.