Holy Week at Crestwood Church


Holy Week

the story of God's promise of salvation fulfilled through Jesus.

Palm Sunday (March 25) remembers the excitement of the crowd as Jesus entered Jerusalem.  Jesus was celebrated as Messiah and King, with palm branches and cloaks strewn in his path - a stark contrast to his treatment just few days later.  Crestwood celebrates Palm Sunday at all services with palm fronds, children singing, and praise.

In an effort to enlarge the richness of worship on Maundy Thursday (the night when Jesus last met with his disciples before his death), we will celebrate Maundy Thursday communion this year in member homes. Your elders and staff are excited by the Worship Ministry’s recommendation to
move from our tradition of a worship service at the West Campus and instead gather in homes for worship and communion on Thursday, March 29th. After all, the first Lord’s Supper was celebrated in the upper room of a residence, so how fitting that we likewise gather in homes. It could be said that we are returning to our roots!  Sign up to participate and call the church office for more details.

Our Tenebrae Service on Good Friday (March 30th) is viewed by many as the most dramatic and moving experience of worship we engage in during the entire year at Crestwood. It is a service of increasing darkness that brings home the sobering awareness of our desperate brokenness as we look to the cross of Christ, and leads us toward Easter Sunday and the resurrection hope that Jesus provides. Please join us for this powerful time together, and definitely invite a neighbor or friend. The Tenebrae Service takes place at our Richmond Campus at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, March 30th.

Resurrection Sunday - Easter (April 1).  You are invited to bring a flower to worship on this Sunday, to place in a cross located at the entrance.  The blooms and foliage celebrate new life and our Risen Savior.  "He Is Risen Indeed!"No Children in Worship will be held at the Midlothian Campus this morning, but nurseries will receive children at all three services.  Sunday School will also be held at its regular time.