Apprentice Study

Do You Want To Be an APPRENTICE of Jesus?

Apprentice is an eleven week series in practical Christian spiritual formation.  It is a small group experience designed to help people live a life that is increasingly more responsive to God.  

We will be challenged to address what we assume about God by comparing it directly with what Jesus reveals to us (through Scripture) about who God really is.  The process is full of invitations to engage all dimensions of human life (mental, physical, spiritual, and relational) in holistic transformation into the “new creation” God offers us in Christ.

The Apprentice experience includes three elements:  reading James Bryan Smith's The Good and Beautiful God as we go along, a simple weekly spiritual practice, and regular attendance at the weekly gathering.  Because this class requires your time and focus in order to make room for the transformation you desire, you will need to commit to attending every class in each session.

Because this class requires your time and focus in order to nurture the anticipated transformation, it is important that you can commit to attending every session. If you find that you will miss more than one session, please wait until Apprentice is offered again to participate.  So check the meeting dates carefully.  

Sunday Evenings at the West Campus 

January 19 - March 30  
5:15 - 7:00 p.m. (parallel to youth group)
Facilitators: Rob and Janice Burns

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"The Apprentice study was an enriching experience for my faith walk.  Each week I felt challenged not only by the author's words, but by the weekly "soul training" exercises.  What affected me the most was the emphasis on discovering God's true nature and character, casting off our often false notions of Him, and through this process being encouraged to develop a less frenetic rhythm for life and growth as an apprentice of Jesus."  - Kristin Brantner

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